The Face Mask Chain Beaded Lanyard Holder | Adult Women

  • Luxurious: Makes you look more professional and fashionable. Add lots of charm to yourself! Tons of compliments follow you here while wearing it. Comes in 2 aesthetic styles: White Pearl and Leather Gold.
  • One Size: Take your face mask on and off easily and hang it around your neck when not in use. Face mask beaded chain lanyards make your life a breeze. 
  • Convenient & Versatile: The lobster clasp design allows you to secure this chain lanyard onto ANY face mask size or shape. It can be re-used over and over again. Machine Washable & Reusable. Perfect solution for anyone who is constantly adjusting, dropping, or losing their face mask.



                  -White Pearl: 24.25"

                  -Leather Gold: 25.75"