Shitake Mushroom Chip Original (30g) | Vegan Snack

Type: Snack Foods
  • MADE IN KOREA: These Shiitake mushrooms are grown in a southeastern province of Korea called Jang-Heung. This province has a unique environment in which the ocean, mountains and land meet! The dynamic environment of Jang-Heung produces delicious and fragrant mushrooms all year round. 
  • ECO-FRIENDLY CULTIVATION: You can trust that these mushrooms are grown in an eco-friendly environment. No crop dusting is practiced in cultivating these mushrooms! We guarantee that these mushroom chips are grown and cultivated to the highest quality. 
  • HEALTHY SNACK: Everyone in your family can enjoy these healthy mushroom chips! Shiitake mushrooms are known in Korea to help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure levels. In addition, these snacks have a healthy dose of Vitamin B1 and B2. Buy these mushroom chips to satisfy your desire to eat crunchy textures instead of other fried and oily chips. 
  • DELICIOUS FLAVOR: Choose between two different flavors, corn and mild(original). The corn flavor is very popular amongst kids and adults! The mild flavor has a very nutty flavor and does not have a strong taste. This flavor can also be enjoyed by everyone! Buy these mushroom chips to have as snacks for any occasion!