Savory Tofu Soy Baked Chips (50g) | Healthy Snack, Vegan

Type: Snack Foods
  • PURE TOFU FLAVOR - Each cracker is made out of 100% KOREAN SOYBEANS. Enjoy that pure flavor with each satisfying crunch.
  • LESS OIL - Each batch is oven baked 3 times after initial frying, achieving that perfect crispy texture with less oil. No compromise on its clean and light taste
  • SATISFYINGLY LIGHT - Each bite is packed with as much nutrients and protein as tofu, making it a healthy alternative to high sodium chips while keeping you full all day.
  • FOR ALL AGES - The perfect snack for the whole family. Not just a healthy option for kids, but a great snack to enjoy with a cold beer.
  • ENJOY ANYWHERE - Each light package is great to include with any packed lunch, serve as a company snack, or as a part of a great party spread!