[10PCS] KN Flax KF94 Mask Made in Korea [FDA Registered]

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[KN Flax] 4 Layer Filter Face Mask (Pack of 10) - High Quality

🔸 PREMIUM QUALITY AND QUALITY CONTROL - Manufactured by the company specialized in the mask using High-Quality Filter (MB) created by the innovative technology - Our manufacturer, Happy Life Korea., is known for their excellent technical skills and quality control to proudly introduce the very best products to you.  

🔸 ANTI-TROUBLE SKIN AND EASY BREATHING - Made with Eco-Friendly fabric for Anti-Trouble Skin and structured to let you breathe more comfortable and easy with. 

🔸 GREAT SAFETY - 4-Layer Protection with high-quality MB filter - Advanced Quadruple Filtration System and Innovative Melt Blown techniques block up to very tiny dust particles. 

🔸 COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC DESIGN *Built with Aqua-Trans Technique: With High Moisture Transferability technique, our masks absorb moisture quickly, giving you a fresh fit even if worn all day long and prevent fogging on your glasses.*Tri-Folding Stereoscopic Design: Structured to cover from your nose to chin, and from your left to your right jaw, our masks give you better protection and are less smeared from foundation, lipstick and etc.  

🔸 Made in South KOREA

🔴 NOTE: The date printed on the package is a manufactured date, NOT an expiration date.
                 “제조” means “Manufactured” & "까지" means "Expired Date" 🔴





  • Place mask over nose and mouth
  • Place each cord around your ears
  • Adjust the nose clip for the best fit
  • Pull the edge of the mask up and down to ensure there is a tight fit





  • Do not place any cover under the mask.
  • When damaged, soiled or polluted inside, stop the use and dispose.
  • Do not wash.
  • Do not give any variation to the mask.
  • Do not touch the outer surface once you wear.
  • If you are having problems breathing using the mask, talk to doctors and experts before further use.
  • Do not use In a clinical setting where the infection risk level through inhalation exposure is high.
  • Do not use in presence of high intensity heat source of flammable gas.