KN FLAX Dog Harness Leash Set


-No Pull Means No Choke! : Our unique T-Shape Harness has a no-pull, leash system located at the chest, preventing any choking and suffocation. Thus, your walking, jogging, or hiking activities will be enjoyable with your dog!

-Reflective Strip + Safety: Comes with multiple reflective padded strips, so your dog will be recognizable at night, avoiding any accidents when it gets dark and ensuring your dog's safety.

-Ultra Soft and Durable Material: Made out of 100% ultra-soft fabric. It's skin-friendly to any dog, even with sensitive skin, so your dog will enjoy outdoor activities.

-Easy to Use: With our T-shaped design, our dog harness can be easily worn on and off, sliding from the head. You're good to go anywhere without any worries! Also, the easy top handle gives additional support for traveling!

-Satisfaction Warranty: The Dog Harness is available in all sizes (from X-Small to Large) and multiple colors. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to contact us. We are always here to help you.