Jardin Our Tea Lemon Earl Grey Tea Bag (68.4g)

  • Jardin "Our Tea" is a brand that contains the freshness of fruit and the rich flavor of tea leaves in a glass.
  • Each bag contains a loose leaf tea bag and a dried orange or lemon. The tea bag is wrapped in foil storage wrapping paper. 56kcal (200ml) per bag.
  • A new-concept blending teeWe've found the optimal blend balance, which brings out the characteristics of each fruit, tea leaf, and fruity tea, but also harmonizes.
  • Dried lemon is dried slowly for more than 22 hours to preserve taste and flavor.
  • Lemon juice powder is the fruit that is extracted from the raw fruit that is carved.
  • Sri Lanka Earl Grey tea leaves are rich and deep flavor of Sri Lanka's Earl Grey tea leaves.