[Dr.FOR HAIR] Sebum Control Shampoo 500ml

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Reducing excess oil on the scalp
Deep scalp cleansing
Those who are concerned about scalp odor due to excess sebum

Matricaria Flower/Leaf Extract: Has anti-inflammatory properties that help treat oily scalp and prevent dandruff
Pine Leaf Extract: Rich in vitamin E and also keeps the scalp clean and free from dandruff
Evening Primrose Extract: Reduces inflammation and encourages healthy cell growth
Rosemary Flower Extract: Reduces itching and prevents dry scalp

Miscella Cleansing Solution: Absorbs dust, removes excessive sebum on the scalp, and maintains a healthy amount of moisture
Soothes itchy, oily, and irritated scalp
Has a non-irritating, weakly acidic formula that keeps the scalp healthy
Removes accumulated dust, sebum, and other substances to keep the scalp clean