BT21 Little Buddy Baby Car Air Freshener

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BTS car fresheners are part of the ‘My Little Buddy Better Together’ collection! 

RJ, Tata, Chimmy and Mang all have a Freesia flower scent! Choose one of these characters to bring nature indoors! The flowery scent will help you feel relaxed as if you’re outdoors~
Cooky, Koya and Shooky all have a Tropical scent! Choose one of these characters to remind you of your dream vacation spot by the ocean! The tropical scent will help put you in a good mood as you drive to work or wherever you go~ 


    • You can rotate the figures 360 degrees! Place them in any direction you’d like! 
    • The car freshener is very small and compact! It won’t block your air vents like other air fresheners on the market! Plus they’re cute to look at~ 
    • There is a clip on the back of the figure so you can hook it onto your air vent 

      HOW TO SET UP: 

      • Take out the sealed cup from the figure and peel off the seal 
      • Carefully place the cup back into the figure and close it with the clip backing. When it makes a clicking sound, the lid is securely placed.
      • CUTE CAR FRESHENERS: These cute animated car fresheners are a style of art that represents each of the 7 BTS members! 
      • SHOW YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT: Show your love for BTS with the official collection of car fresheners representing all seven members of BTS! Show your friends, family, & other ARMY fans.
      • EASY SET UP: Attaches easily to the car vent and allows you to rotate 360 degrees! Set it up in any direction you’d like.
      • REFRESHING SCENTS: Turn your space into a vacation destination with the Tropical Scent! Or choose the Freesia Scent to bring the scent of beautiful flowery fields indoors! 
      • COMPANY YOU TRUST: Our company Imports products directly from Korea & Ships from California