BT21 Jelly Candy Mini Portable Humidifier

Type: Toys

BT21 Jelly Candy Mini Portable Humidifier

  • This device can help you to keep the air moisturized by just pressing the button to activate the humidifier. The cute little BT21 baby can be lighted up with the LED lights to create a lovely ambience at your room or living space!
  • Available in Baby Koya, Baby RJ, Baby Shooky, Baby Mang, Baby Chimmy, Baby Tata and Baby Cooky.

    100% Authentic LINE FRIENDS Product

    Ships to Worldwide via DHL / Fedex

    Weight: 254g

    Size: 13.5 x 11.2 x 8.3cm; 380ml of water


    • Please use tap water as normal bottled water may cause condensation.
    • The water can be replaced by removing the detachable lid on top.
    • To access the mood light function, simply press and hold the button.