BT21 Baby LED USB Fan Circulator for Car & Desk

Type: Fans

BT21 Baby LED USB Fan Circulator for Car & Desk

  • The Wind Blowing Towards Me: Cute babies are looking at me. As it is a clip-type, it is super easy to install on the car vent. If you use it with the air conditioner on, it’ll quickly cool down the heat. When the air conditioner has been turned on for too long, ventilate the stuffy air with this mini fan.

  • Easy to Use: Plug it into the USB port without charging it beforehand. You can use it not only in the car but also anywhere indoors by connecting it to your desktop.

  • 3 Speed Modes: There are 3 different speed modes in which you can control the wind strength by pressing the button connected to the USB wire. When clipped into the car vent, you can adjust it to the direction and angle you desire.

  • Twinkling in the Dark: When the light button is pressed, a rainbow LED light will shine brightly. Enjoy a refreshing drive with these babies.

  • Configuration: 1 Car Fan, 1 Manual