[Made in Korea] 30PCS NON-SLIP Black Plastic Hangers

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[Made in Korea] Plastic Hangers

Pack of 30 - BLACK

Ultra Slim and Light Weight

Heavy-Duty Non Slip Hangers

Space Saving Clothes Hangers

Strap Hooks & Pants Hooks 

  • Set of 15 pack heavy duty clothes hangers, Hooks are strong enough to hold Up to 11 pounds
  • Non-Slip on the hangers shoulder keep clothes from sliding off This set of hangers is worth a shot; the non-slip rubber pieces don’t allow even a silk blouse to slip off
  • Unique S-Shape top making it easy to hang clothes without stretching the collar or causing wrinkles and unwanted marks the S-shaped opening on top will help you do it easier without stretching the neck of the shirt when hanging it up
  • Space saving thin plastic hangers built-in horizontal accessory bar allows you to hold pants, ties, scarves and necklaces with your clothes all together in one hanger
  • The slim plastic hangers will work perfectly for all types of wet and dry fabrics and can also handle spaghetti straps, silk and chiffon.